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We are the one of the world's leading manufacturers of posturography devices and we are proud to celebrate 20 years in this business.

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To better serve our customers' needs we have developed two different posturography products, the CAPSŪ Lite and the CAPSŪ Professional.

Our CAPSŪ products are the perfect tools for balance screenings, assessments, diagnosis and treatment, as well as for fall prevention. More


Who we are

At Vestibular Technologies "helping people regain their balance" has become not just a mission but a passion.

Since 1996 we have been helping doctors recognize patients with balance problems. From the elderly at risk of falling to the athlete with a possible concussion, the CAPSŪ systems can help identify a problem when, in many cases, other methods cannot. More



To install the latest version of any of our software applications on your computer and to find out how to make the software run on the latest Windows operating system. More