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The CAPS® (Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) is the essential tool for any clinician who wants to offer balance disorder/falls-risk screenings, diagnosis and rehabilitation to his/her patient population as well as implement an effective, profitable fall prevention program.

The CAPS® combines very user friendly, yet very powerful software applications with exciting new cutting-edge technology: our unique, self-leveling, three-component force platforms that are powered only by the computer via a USB connection. And when used with a laptop computer, the CAPS® becomes a completely portable solution.

And the CAPS® systems have always satisfied the stringent requirements set in 2013 for posturographic measurements by the International Standardization Committee for Clinical Stabilometry of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR): an accuracy of 0.1 mm, and a precision and resolution of 0.05 mm.


The CAPS® Lite

CAPS® Lite

A complete solution designed for ultimate portability, usability, compactness and low cost, the CAPS® Lite is our entry-level computerized posturography balance and fall risk assessment line of products.

The CAPS® Lite is the perfect tool for clinicians who only need to screen and test for falls-risk, measure therapy progress, and document treatment outcomes.

CAPS® Professional

The CAPS® Professional

Many providers need to be able to do more than just evaluate a subject’s balance in static conditions and in a “feet-together” or “feet at shoulder-width” positions as can be done with the CAPS® Lite or other products on the market. That is why we manufacture the CAPS® Professional, our unique and advanced computerized posturography balance and fall risk assessment and treatment line of products. But the CAPS® Professional is not just a posturography product: it is also an extremely advanced physical performance testing and rehabilitation tool that can be used for a variety of applications besides assessing balance and dizziness, and for fall prevention.

In fact, in addition to what you can do with the CAPS® Lite, the CAPS® Professional allows you to obtain a subject's detailed medical history, with special emphasis on falls, balance disorders, hearing and tinnitus; to test your subject's balance in every possible combination of head, arm, leg, body and force platform positions; to get sit-to-stand analysis data far superior to anything else available anywhere else; to test the explosive strength of leg and arm muscles of subjects of all ages; to test your subject's Limit of Stability (LoS) in eight (not just four) positions; and to improve your subjects’ lower extremity strength, reaction time, stamina and more with our unique “body saccades” targeting modality.

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